Athleisure Shoots: Tips & Tricks

I've been super lucky to collaborate with some brands and creatives who are just serious #fitspiration. These awesome folks are creating products, services and experiences for those interested in getting and staying fit, and it was a pleasure bringing their visions to life! When I first started photographing models, it was a little daunting; more so to me than product or food photography, for example. Having worked with a variety of models and in various locations, I wanted to share some of the best tips and tricks I've picked up in regards to fitness / athleisure shoots. 

1. As always, it's all about light. 

Lighting is always the most important piece to consider when choosing the time and location of your photoshoot, and it's no different in these types of shoots. Playing with the light against the actions of your models or the lines in their clothes is a great way to create some exciting content. Whether you're outside or in a studio, shooting your models from various positions in the space will allow you to capture a variety of light scenarios, and give you (and your clients) an awesome variety of visuals!

2. Action Shots: take all your takes. 

Don't feel weird having your model do the same 50 ft. jog a few times to ensure you're grabbing the right shot. When your model is moving, you may think you'd grabbed the shot you wanted, but you don't want to get to the editing phase and realize it's just not quite right. Play around with shooting from different angles and levels each time your model engages in the action, and even shoot the same action in different areas of your location to play with those lines and light I was talking about. 

3. Take the time for some stills

Shooting stills of the individual pieces your client may be offering or your model is wearing is a great way to create additional content for them. It also creates great brand / product focused content for you to use in your lifestyle portfolio!

4. Kind of weird, But helpful.

If you need your models to look a bit sweaty, regular water won't work. Mix a spray bottle of water with a bit of coconut oil. This will help the water to form real droplets and stick to the skin a bit more. Your models may think you're crazy at first, but I promise, it works. Plus it's good for their skin and it smells good, so they won't be mad. 

Looking to create some #fitspiration content for your brand?