Favorite Recent Food Shots (& Some Tips!)

Working with a few restaurants here in the District, I get to photograph (and eat) a lot of food.  From ribs, to sandwiches, cocktails and wine to charcuterie boards, I get to shoot and nibble my way through a good number of my days- not a bad work environment, if you ask me.  I decided to put together a few of my favorite shots from my last few shoots, with a couple of styling tips and tricks I've learned along the way!

This shot is of a super delicious cavatelli pasta with some really delicate micro greens. With pasta, I find focusing on the details, like the way these greens rest on the heavier pasta, and the near transparency of the shaved parmesan. These details add complexity and depth to the dish, that in a flat-lay type of shot may not really pop. 


I don't know about you, but a god grilled cheese sandwich really can't be beat. This sandwich, paired with a delicious, creamy tomato soup is basically a dream come true for my inner child. I styled this sandwich many ways (flat-lays, shots from above, mid bite shots with a willing and hungry friend), but I found that once the sandwich was dunked into the soup, the photos went from engaging to mouth-watering. This kind realistic, post-action shot is a great way to create content that really brings the viewer into that specific moment. 


I absolutely love playing with light, almost as much as I love eating charcuterie.  The light in this space was so dreamy, all I really had to do was sit these boards on the bar by the window and shoot my little heart out. This is probably the biggest tip I can offer about food photography, but really photography in general; It's ALL about the light. Whether you're using lighting equipment, of you prefer natural lighting, play around with the angles of your set up; move items around, stand on a chair- play with the contrast of those shadows and use them to your advantage. Ultimately, just be willing to try anything- get a little weird with your tactics- you may be surprised with what works!