Photo: Erin Andreani

Photo: Erin Andreani

Meet Mary Elizabeth

Addicted to Sharpies and sketchbooks, Mary has always been a creative at heart. Mary spent the early days of her career working as a preschool teacher, encouraging children (and fellow teachers) to tap into their creativity daily, but later, she discovered her passion for helping entrepreneurs and brands find their voice and amplify it; whether through photography, social media marketing, blogging or live events.

In her free time, Mary can be found hitting up new restaurants with her husband, or petting other people's dogs, because she just can't help herself. 

Based in the DC area, and working with brands throughout the country, Mary can't wait to start learn more about you!


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"Working with Mary for our Spring Collection was wonderful! Her vision and creativity was evident every step of the way. She was able to provide a dynamic and visually appealing look book, jewelry images, headshots and social media content for Designs by s.e.K that we are thrilled to showcase. We look forward to working with her again!

                                      — Sarah, Designs by s.e.K.


“Mary did a great job covering an awards dinner program for my Association. The photos are terrific and it was a delight to work with Mary!”

Marie L. Tibor

Photo: Sloan Dakota Photography @slodak

Photo: Sloan Dakota Photography @slodak

"Start to finish, working with Mary was a dream... I’d recommend working with Mary to anyone looking to plan a special event. She was an exceptional organizer and implementer, and her work made our day relaxing, beautiful, and memorable."

- Torie P.